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updated 9:03 PM UTC, Jan 23, 2017

Radio Shop Auctions

Auctions for Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hard-to-Get Package
1 Package Includes: Airport Lounge-Ribeye Dinner, Falls Meat Service-$10 Towards $25 purchase or more, Kentucky Fried Chicken Buffet, Mocha Mouse-Sandwich, Scholze Ace-Sunflower Seeds, Triple R-$8 Tokenote, Walmart-$10 Certificate
Value: $72.11 - Starting Bid: $31.00

Jan's Pizza (Pick up at Double Barrel Inn, Alma Center)
1-3 Pack of Jan’s Homemade Frozen Pizza (1 Deluxe, 1 Sausage & Pepperoni, and 1 Sausage & Mushroom)
Value: $33.23 - Starting  Bid: $14.00

Craig's Meats, Mindoro
1-Specialty Snack Item Basket
Value: $42.20 - Starting Bid: $17.00

Black River Power Sports, BRF
1-Universal A.T.V. Pack (Fits on the front or Rear of your A.T.V. Black in color)
Value: $46.37 - Starting Bid: $19.00

Healing Hands, BRF
1-Reiki Session or Nutrition Response Testing
Value: $120.00 - Starting Bid $48.00


More to come..

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