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(11/11/12) Here are the stories:

Milwaukee County deputies
say a 21 year old Waukesha man drove more than 15 miles in the wrong direction
on Interstate 43 near downtown Milwaukee Saturday morning.  They say the driver
was going southbound in the northbound lanes at about 2:20 a.m. when a squad
car, with lights and sirens going, tried to get his attention by shining a
spotlight on him.  The driver ignored the squad car and at one point made a
unexpected U-turn in traffic.  When he was finally stopped, preliminary tests
showed he had a blood-alcohol content level of point-18, more than twice the
legal limit.  The man is expected to face several charges, including
first-offense drunken driving and recklessly endangering safety.


The Richland County
Sheriff's office reports a head-on collision just north of Richland Center has
left a husband a wife dead.  A truck slammed into the car Friday afternoon.
Seventy year old Stephen Rowland and his 57 year old wife Nina were dead at the
scene.  The driver of the truck was 63 year old Lonnie Kreeger of Richland
Center.  He was taken to a nearby hospital with unspecified injuries.  Alcohol
was not thought to be a factor in the double-fatal accident.


Friends of 30 year old
Paul H. Heenan say he had just moved into the Madison neighborhood and
mistakenly walked into the wrong home.  Heenan was shot and killed by a Madison
police officer.  Police had been called to the location at about 3 a.m. Friday
when a woman called 9-1-1 to report she and her husband heard someone walking
around in their house.  She said her husband had gone to investigate.  The first
officer on the scene struggled with the suspected intruder and shot him.  The
Madison officer wasn't injured and he has been placed on administrative leave
while the shooting is reviewed.


Investigators with the
Lincoln County Sheriff's office say they think 54 year old Nicholas L. Asmondy
Senior may have had a heart attack before he fell from his tree stand.  No foul
play is suspected.  Asmondy had gone hunting near Tomahawk last week.  When his
son went to check on him Thursday night, he found the man on the ground,
unresponsive.  Emergency responders determined he was dead.  Officials say it
looks like the victim may have suffered a heart attack in the tree stand and
subsequently fell 20 feet to the ground.


Grafton police report an
incident involving a homemade bomb started with an argument between two groups
at Lime Kiln Park Friday.  A 21 year old Grafton man and a 20 year old Sheboygan
man are thought to be the ones who threw what police call a "bottle bomb" into a
car.  The people inside that car tossed it back out before it exploded and no
one was injured.  When the two suspects were stopped, they had another improved
explosive device in their car at the time.  Those two have also been connected
to an earlier incident when a similar homemade bomb was lighted and thrown
inside an occupied business in Grafton.


Despite the calls for
budget cutbacks in Washington, public officials are saying the work on Littoral
Combat Ships for the U.S. Navy at Marinette Marine shouldn't be threatened.
They say the contracts for the first 20 ships have been approved, even if the
funding has made it through Congress year.  As many as 55 of the ships could
eventually be built.  Wisconsin Congressman Reid Ribble says the ships operate
with a smaller crew and they are fuel-efficient, so they actually help with
reducing Department of Defense costs.  Half of the 20 ships are being built in
Wisconsin, with the other 10 at a plant in Alabama.


Wisconsin Rapids police
say their 17 year old armed robbery suspect turned himself in last Friday.
Dominic Karbowski is being held in the Wood County Jail.  A 19 year old
Wisconsin Rapids man reported Karbowski had robbed him at gunpoint last
Wednesday.  Karbowski and two men were meeting to conduct a drug deal, but
Karbowski allegedly pulled a gun and took the money from one of the older men.
Nobody was injured.  Authorities say they have requested charges of armed
robbery be filed by the Wood County district attorney's office.


The Janesville Board of
Education could discuss a proposed dress code for district employees when it
meets Tuesday.  The new code would ban employees from wearing suggestive and
offensive clothing or tattoos.  Business or business-casual dress is preferred,
but there would be exceptions for some positions.  The teachers union reports it
will offer some unspecified objections.  Workers in the district now are asked
to wear what is called "appropriate attire," but there are no specific rules for
what they might wear to the job.





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