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Historic Building Comes Tumbling Down


A Black River Falls landmark has come down.



The former Real McCoy's restaurant, built in the early 30s, has been razed.  Originally built as a small restaurant at the junction of highways 12 and 27 in Brockway, the business was bought by Mac and Martha McCoy who built it into one of the most recognizable cafes on highway 12 which was then the major highway route until the opening of I94.  Advertising signs were placed from Chicago to Minneapolis areas regarding Real McCoys, and the business thrived.  Jack and Darlene McPeak have operated the Crossroads Convenience store in the building recently.  Darlene's daughter, Pam Cullen own both the convenience store and Jacks or Better Supper Club.  She says she intends use the space acquired by the razing of the old building as a parking area for the current complex.  The demolition is expected to be completed this week.







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