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Update on Shooting in Taylor

(12/6/12)  The Jackson County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the shooting incident that occurred at 325 Highland Avenue, in the Village of Taylor, Jackson County, Wisconsin. 

The incident involved the following persons:

Gunshot victim:             Robert Schafer, age 25 from the Taylor area.

Alleged shooter:            Jarrod Thompson, age 31, from rural Ettrick, WI area.

Witness:                       Lori Peterson, age 44, from the Taylor area.

The Sheriff's Office has had past contacts with all of the mentioned individuals. 

Recently the Sheriff's Office has been attempting to locate Schafer for an alleged domestic related incident involving the witness Lori Peterson.  Schafer also had a probation warrant for his arrest.  In addition, there is a valid restraining order between Peterson and Schafer until February of 2014.  Schafer has been avoiding law enforcement contact for several weeks.  Schafer has demonstrated this behavior in the past by committing alleged domestic acts, committing restraining order violations and then alluding law enforcement.  

On December 5, 2012, moments prior to the shooting notification time of 7:39 p.m., Schafer came onto the property in the driveway area and made entry into Peterson's vehicle.  Peterson and Thompson observed Schafer on the property and made contact with him.  Schafer approached Thompson in a threatening manner.  Thompson warned Schafer to stop and told Schafer he had a gun.  Schafer disregarded the warning.  Thompson fired one round at Schafer, striking him in the lower abdominal area.    Schafer then fled the scene prior to law enforcement's arrival. 

Law enforcement attempted to locate Schafer in the area of the shooting.  It was later found that Schafer received a ride to the Tri-County Hospital in Whitehall, Wisconsin for medical treatment.   Trempealeau County Sheriff's Office personnel made contact with Schafer at the hospital.  Schafer refused to talk with law enforcement about the incident.  Schafer was transported by helicopter to Gunderson Lutheran Hospital in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Schafer's injury is not believed to be life threatening.  Schafer is currently at Gunderson Lutheran receiving treatment for his injury and his release from the hospital is not anticipated anytime soon. 

At this time, there have been no arrests or charges regarding this incident.  The investigation remains ongoing.  Please contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Office if you have any information regarding this case. 





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