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Here are the stories:


Her fellow Wauwatosa police described Jennifer Sebena as a hard worker and spiritual person who quickly earned their trust.  Hundreds of Wisconsin police officers were in the big crowd paying their respects to Sebena yesterday.  She was killed while on patrol last week.  Her husband, Ben, has been arrested and charged with her murder.  Officers from neighboring cities covered work shifts so Wauwatosa police colleagues could attend the services.  Sebena was in her second year with the Wauwatosa department.  Chief Barry Weber remember her as everything he could hope for in a young officer, saying she was, quoting here, "intelligent, energetic, willing to be of service and wanting to be a great police officer."  Flags across the state were set at half-staff in her memory.




Convicted mass murderer Walter Ellis is arguing he only pleaded no contest to seven homicide charges because he faced what he calls unfair circumstances.  Ellis is appealing his convictions on first-degree intentional homicide and first-degree murder charges in the deaths of seven women.  Ellis had asked the court for a change of venue and he also wanted the cases to be tried separately.  A court of appeals denied both of those arguments.  The next step is the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  It is expected to decide in the next few weeks whether it will take the case.




A plan backed by Governor Scott Walker and Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen would mean police and prosecutors would collect about six times as many DNA samples as are collected now in Wisconsin.  Walker and Van Hollen came out in support of collecting DNA samples from people accused of felonies last April, rather than just those convicted.  Now, they are also supporting the idea of collecting DNA from those convicted of any misdemeanor, including minor ones like disorderly conduct and vagrancy.  Walker is expected to include the change in the state spending plan he submits to the Legislature next year.  Van Hollen wants to divert almost five million dollars a year in penalty surcharge money to pay for it.  That is sure to set off a fight with Democrats. 




A prisoner from Washington state has been returned to the Dane County Jail so he can face charges he tortured and killed his disabled half-brother.  Jeffrey J. Vogelsberg was booked into the jail in Madison Friday night.  He had been arrested in Pierce County, Washington, last month.  He had tried to fight extradition to Wisconsin, but Washington's governor interceded.  Prosecutors say Vogelsberg repeatedly tortured 27 year old old Matthews Graville until the autistic man died last July.  Vogelsberg has a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday.




Milwaukee County Zoo officials say a five year old orangutan died in his exhibit yesterday morning.  They say Mahal had been showing signs of sickness since last week.  Veterinarians at the zoo think the cause of death was pneumonia, but a necropsy will be done to make sure.  Mahal was said to be especially popular with zoo visitors and the facility plans to set up a way for the public to commemorate him.  The red-haired orangutan was born in Colorado, but was rejected by his mother.  He was raised by a surrogate mother in Milwaukee.




A spokesperson for Triple-A Wisconsin says the price of gasoline could dip below three dollars a gallon next year.  Nationwide prices have been dropping since the middle of September.  As of last Friday, the average price for a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline in Wisconsin was three dollars, 22 cents.  Some retailers are already selling gas near three dollars in southeastern and western Wisconsin.  The last time the average price of gas fell below three dollars in Wisconsin was just before Christmas two years ago.  




Authorities in the St. Croix area are still looking for about five thousand dollars worth of missing tools.  The tool trailer they were in, used by the Habitat for Humanity chapter in that part of western Wisconsin, is still missing.  The trailer was stolen from a site in Grantsburg on December 15th.  Last Thursday, the trailer was recovered from a property in rural Isanti County, Minnesota.  Most of the missing tools were marked with "HFH," for Habitat for Humanity.  Anyone with information which could help recover the tools should call the Isanti County sheriff's office at 763-689-2141.




Green Bay city officials are asking a judge to impose penalties of up to 500 dollars per day on the St. John the Evangelist Homeless Shelter downtown. The shelter at 411 St. John Street is run by the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay.  Its administrators have been ordered to make a court appearance January 18th to face charges the shelter has violated its city permit by housing more people than allowed.  Mayor Jim Schmitt says the city has always supported homeless services and will continue to do so, but city leaders worry repeated violations of the occupancy limit at the shelter create safety problems and worry businesses and people living nearby.






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