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updated 12:10 PM UTC, Jun 21, 2018

Sunday's State News

  • Written by Bob Gabrielson
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Wheeler News Service -
Sunday, January 13, 2013 - Sunday News Report


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Officials with Oshkosh
Public Schools say providing school board members with Apple iPads will save
money in the long run.  It's being call part of a district effort to cut down on
paper expenses.  Each iPad-2 is expected to cost about 380 dollars, making the
total expense almost 27 hundred dollars.  District staff won't have to make
copies and put together huge information packets for board meetings any more.
One district official says the iPads will also make it easier for board members
to access information.  The iPads are considered a good investment, even the
district is facing the need to cut more than two and a half million dollars in
spending to balance the budget.


When the Fond du Lac
police officer refused the 36 year old woman's request for a ride home, she
asked for an ambulance.  When the cop said she'd have to be injured, she
reportedly threw herself to the ground and said she's hurt her knee.  Police
were called by a man who said the suspect wouldn't stop asking him for money.
When officers arrived, she told them the man owed her 100 dollars.  Police told
her she'd have to take her complaint to court and she needed to leave the
property.  Police did go ahead and call the ambulance for her, but it likely
wasn't what she expected.  They say she was looking for a free ride, but she is
going to have to pay for the ambulance taking her to an area


University of Wisconsin
System President Kevin Reilly says he is going to hire an independent auditor to
figure out what happened.  A check of the books found the system had overpaid
for health insurance premiums and pension contributions by 33 million dollars
over the last two years.  Reilly is quoted as saying he is embarrassed by the
findings by the Legislative Audit Bureau.  The 17 and a half million dollar
overpayment for contributions to the Wisconsin Retirement System has been
recovered.  To this point, only 2-point-4 million of the 15-point-4 million
dollars in overpayments on workers' health insurance premiums have come back to
the system


The Mielke family in
Shawano County has to wonder when it will let up.  First, relatives were
devastated when Eldore and Malinda Mielke died within days of each other last
week.  Both were in their 90s and they had been married for 68 years.  Then, the
day after they died, thieves broke into their Marion home and stole the couple's
wills, deeds, jewelry and a safe containing cash.  Family members say they were
planning two funerals when they were told about the robbery.  The Shawano County
Sheriff's Department is investigating the crime.


Business owners wanting to
go on a trade mission to South Africa next March need to contact the Wisconsin
Economic Development Corporation.  WEDC says the idea is to help small to
medium-sized companies sell products and services to South Africa.  The trip is
being planned by the Council of Great Lakes Governors.  This state had more than
225 million dollars in exports to South Africa in 2011.  Some of the business
sectors being recruited are in the agriculture field, automotive parts, medical,
mining, equipment for construction, power generation and supply.  The trip March
6th through the 15th will include stops in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape


A new trial date for
convicted killer Seneca D. Malone will be set in a Milwaukee courtroom next
Tuesday.  Work by the Innocence Project on behalf of Malone has earned him
another trial.  He was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide.  The
Innocence Project, affiliated with the University of Wisconsin law school,
convinced the court he was victimized by inadequate council.  It argued his 2008
trial wasn't a fair one because his attorney didn't conduct his own
investigation, failed to interview witness and didn't object to evidence which
should have been inadmissible.  Richard Mora was shot to death in 2005.  Malone
was implicated by his former friend, Mark Fossier, three years later.  Those
working for Malone said Fossier's inconsistent story should have been


A 35 year old Walworth
County man is sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexually assaulting a friend's
two year old daughter.  Scott L. Anderson learned his fate in Rock County Court
last Friday.  The child's mother called police in September 2011, saying she
found Anderson sleeping with his hand inside the little girl's diaper.  Anderson
never disputed that story, but said he wasn't touching the child for sexual
pleasure.  Anderson's attorney had sought probation for his client, saying
Anderson has psychiatric problems and needs to be treated.


Some of the 100 people in
the crowd at East Middle School in Oak Creek were relatives of the victims of
the August 5th mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.  The summit held
yesterday focused on how to prevent violence.  The Oak Creek shooting was one of
more than 60 mass shootings in the U.S. in the last three decades.  Leading the
discussion were Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi, Police Chief John Edwards, U.S.
Attorney James Santelle, Sikh activist Pardeep Kaleka and Milwaukee County
Executive Chris Abele.


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