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Scare at Western Wisconsin Technical College

(5/10/13) It's a sign of the times. Police descended on Western Wisconsin Technical College late yesterday after somebody thought they heard gunfire.

Students were evacuated. Officers stormed classrooms in search of a gunman. And other police stood guard with assault rifles. A few minutes later, police saw a bunch of balloons that were popped for a class project. They took one final sweep of a building before calling the operation off. The La Crosse Tribune said students have a heightened awareness of danger on-campus, especially in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Since then, police responded en masse to reports of guns at U-W La Crosse and Carroll University in Waukesha. It turned out that the gunmen had an empty weapon at La Crosse, and a relatively harmless air-soft gun at Carroll. Still, police have no regrets for responding as they do. They say it's better to err on the side of safety.





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