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BRF Common Council Minutes

(7/25/13) The Special Meeting of the Common Council was held at City Hall in the City of Black River Falls on July 24, 2013 at 6:00 P.M.

  Alderpersons Johnson, Herman, R. Eddy, Rahmlow, Olson, J. Eddy, Gearing-Lancaster and Chojnacki were present.  Mayor Danielson presided.

1.      It was moved by Alderperson Olson, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to approve the Class B Combination Liquor License for Traveler's Tales - currently held by Laura's Brickhouse.  Motion Carried.

2.      The Department Head monthly reports were reviewed.  Department heads present were Muriel Gunderson, Steve Schreiber, Jody Stoker, Todd Gomer, Dave Frederick, Steve Peterson, and Brad Chown. 


3.      Library Director Muriel Gunderson announced her resignation and announced her position has been posted.  Muriel also informed the Council that the new computers were being installed at the Library.

4.      It was moved by Alderperson Johnson, seconded by Alderperson Herman to approve a budget modification for the fire department to move $18,000 out of the 2013 Budget Outlay to the Equipment Maintenance line item in the Fire Department budget to cover repairs to Engine 3 and Focus on Energy project.  Motion carried.

5.      EMS Division Chief Jody Stoker stated the dorm renovation should be complete by the end of this month.

6.      Street Superintendent Todd Gomer reported paving on the side streets in the City is about a month behind due to issues with the contractor.  Todd reported Oium Asphalt had scheduling issues and Todd has concerns regarding their equipment being too small to effectively do the job – small grader, light roller, etc. 

7.      Mayor Danielson notified the Council of a possible grievance being filed by a Street Department employee. 

8.      Parks & Recreation Director Steve Peterson informed the Council that his Simplicity lawn mower needs to be replaced and he plans to purchase a new Simplicity lawn mower for $6,999.  This is a budgeted item and the purchase can be approved by the City Administrator. 

9.      The Council asked City Attorney Dan Diehn to draft a new ordinance to make inspections a part of the liquor license renewal process.  The Council would like to see the inspections completed January-May and at Class B Combination licensed facilities only.

10.  Street Superintendent Todd Gomer received price estimates for installing pedestrian crossing lights on South Roosevelt Road at the intersection with East Main Street.  Prices ranged from $5,120 to $8,238.  No action was taken.

11.  City Administrator Brad Chown updated the Council on the projected cost for the levee certification project.  The total project cost was extended to $75,000 still under the original estimate of $100,000.

12.  It was moved by Alderperson Chojnacki, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to approve the purchase of a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan taxi from A&J Vans, Inc. for $33,737.00.  80% of the vehicle purchase and 90% of the ADA conversion will be covered by a federal grant and the balance of the purchase should be offset by the sale of the used taxi.  Motion Carried. 

13.  The Council was informed of a citizen request for a Child at Play sign on East Lincoln Street.  The citizen was not in attendance.  No action was taken.

14.  The Council was informed of Focus on Energy projects to upgrade to energy efficient lighting fixtures in City Hall, on the Foundation Trail, and in the Parks & Recreation building near the fair park.  Total cost for these three projects will be $1,480.

15.  The 2012 Financial Statements and Communication to Those Charged with Governance and Management for the year ended December 31, 2012 from the auditors was distributed to the Council.

16.  It was moved by Alderperson Olson, seconded by Alderperson Herman to approve the June 2013 vouchers in the amount of $208,122.14.  Motion carried.

17.  It was moved by Alderperson Rahmlow, seconded by Alderperson Gearing-Lancaster to approve the June 2013 City Treasurer's report.  Motion carried.

18.  It was moved by Alderperson Olson, seconded by Alderperson J. Eddy to approve the June 2013 Revenue and Expense report.  Motion carried.

19.  Mayor Danielson informed the Council of a washout on the Foundation Trail along the river.  Mayor Danielson and Parks & Recreation Director Steve Peterson have met with the DNR and Cedar Corporation to develop a plan to repair this section of the trail.  There is a 50/50 grant available through the DNR that this may qualify for. 

20.  It was moved by Alderperson Chojnacki, seconded by Alderperson Gearing-Lancaster to adjourn.  Motion carried.

 Alex B. Chown

City Administrator





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