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Marshfield Man Pleads Innocent

(4/15/14) A 74-year-old Marshfield man has pleaded innocent to stealing over 50-thousand dollars from his father, and playing most of it in the Nigerian and Australian lotteries.

 Delbert Weiler entered his plea after Wood County Circuit Judge Greg Potter found enough evidence to put him on trial for felony embezzlement.  He's due back in court May 30th.  Police have said that Weiler got caught up in a scam, and he needed money to pay for it.  Prosecutors said Weiler had the power-of-attorney for his 96-year-old father -- and he apparently thought he could take six-thousand-dollars a year from one of his father's accounts as reimbursement for work he had done for him.  A woman told police last fall that she thought somebody was exploiting her father -- and her brother had allegedly put large amounts of money into an account for his own business.  Officials said up to 40-thousand dollars were put into the foreign lotteries.





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