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Sheriff Investigates Pair of Cold Cases


Due to new technology, investigation of two cold cases in Jackson County are being intensified.

Jackson County Sheriff Duane Waldera says a case from 1978, where a skull of a man was found severed and left along with a pair of plastic bags in a wooded area on the east side of Jackson County and a case from 1990 where a dismembered body of a womah was found in Brockway are being investigated using  dna technology which was not available when the crimes were originally investigated.

Waldera says these two cases are being looked at more closely because both are believed to be homicides.

DNA is being sent to a pair of organizations which specialize in these kind of cold case crimes.

Waldera hopes intesifying the investigations will inspire families of missing persons across the nation to create DNA profiels for theif missing loved ones.





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