Public Meetings Scheduled for "Deer Czar" Ideas

Wisconsinites are being asked to share their ideas for carrying out the “Deer Czar’s” recommendations.

The D-N-R will hold seven public meetings at U-W Stevens Point to get input from hunters and others interested in how the state’s deer herd should be managed. They’ll be asked to suggest ways to adopt 62 proposals made by James Kroll and his team of deer researchers. The first meeting is set for Saturday, March 9th. The D-N-R has created four “action teams” to focus on the general areas of regulations and deer seasons – science and research – deer health, including chronic wasting disease – and the new “D-MAP” deer management assistance program. Almost two dozen other states use “D-MAP,” a system in which hunters and landowners work together with the state to manage deer and other habitat on specific lands. All four action teams will meet at the same time at Stevens Point – so groups with an interest in more than one area are being told to bring more than one person. Besides the March session, meetings are planned April sixth and 27th, May 18th, June 8th and 29th, and July 20th. The ideas will then be considered in the D-N-R’s rule-making process. Governor Scott Walker has included funding in his state budget to carry out Kroll’s recommendations.

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