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Winter/Spring Horticulture Programs

(1/6/12) The Wisconsin Master Gardener program will offer two horticulture programs this winter and spring on the topics of Horticulture – History & Health and Ecology and Cultivation of Wisconsin’s Native Plants.

The Winter and Spring Sessions consist of six courses each, and will be held on Tuesday nights from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. beginning on Tuesday February 7th for the Winter Session and March 20th for the Spring Session.

Session 1 - Winter 2012: Horticulture - History & Health

Plants, gardening and connections to nature profoundly impact health and quality of life.  Explore how gardening and the natural environment can improve your health and sense of well-being.  Discover how plants and gardening have influenced people, communities, and history.  Learn about communities’ efforts across the state to improve health through gardening.

Feb. 7:  Horticulture: History & Health Introduction; Elements of a Healing Garden Experience


Feb. 14: The History of Community Gardens; The Link Between Agriculture and Medicine


Feb. 21: The Three Sisters Garden


Feb. 28: Adaptable Gardening


March 6: Houseplants; Gardening with Youth


March 13: Safe Gardening Practices; Gardening with Non-Traditional Audiences

Session 2 - Spring 2012: Ecology, Cultivation and Use of Wisconsin Native Plants

Understand the synergy in the landscape as gardeners explore the balance between natural environments and those manipulated by humans.  Discover the array of plant communities native to Wisconsin, how to apply this knowledge to local gardening endeavors and the impact of mistakes made in the past.  Further develop your personal perspective of sustainability as it would apply in your efforts.


March 20: Plant Communities in Wisconsin


March 27: Landscaping with Native Plants


April 3: Non-Native Insects: Usual Suspects; Non-Native Insects: New Pests on the Horizon


April 10: Invasive Plant Species: Biology; Invasive Plant Species: Management


April 17: Attracting Wildlife to the Landscape


April 24: Defining Sustainability

The two sessions are open to any interested gardeners.  There are two available options for taking the courses. The sessions will be offered live at the Jackson County Extension office in Black River Falls while broadcast from the UW-Madison campus. Participants will be able to interact with them live.


The second option allows you to enjoy the freedom to view the lecture from your own home and at your leisure. Live broadcasts will be emailed to you after the conclusion of each course.  You will need to check your computer’s compatibility for use with a webinar program before registering for the course. Deadline for the online course is January 15th.


Each of the two sessions cost $30.00.  Contact the Jackson County Extension office for more information or to register (715) 284-4257





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