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Radcliffe: Tension High at State of the State


Governor Walker's State of the State address last night has received its usual partisan criticisms, but one state legislator says the atmosphere in the capitol was quite unusual.

Assemblyman Mark Radcliffe says it was a feeling he had never experienced before.

"The wierd thing about last night was that if you could just sit iin one of the seats n the room, the tension...Wisconsin has alot of tension right now...there's alot of tension in the air, and its not good,"  Radcliffe said.  "We have got to come up with a way to get past this because I think it was uncomfortable on both sides of the aisle."

Radcliffe says to get past it, "it has to start at the top. You have to have a governor who is willing to reach across the aisle and compromise and work with people who are not of the same political party."

Radcliffe says he believes the governor is beginning to realize that partisanship is "not a good way to unite a state."





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