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Cattle Feeders Clinic


 In the last year, cattle feeders have witnessed record high commodity cattle prices as well as continued volatility in the grain markets.  Wisconsin cattle feeders who are seeking information on how to manage their risk or learn about alternative cattle feeding options should attend this year’s cattle feeder clinics.   One of these clinics will held February 17th at Club 16 in Sparta from 10:30 am to 2 pm . It will provide information relevant to both beef and dairy beef feeders. 

This year’s clinic will feature Dr. Francis Fluharty, Beef Feedlot Extension Specialist at The Ohio State University.  Dr. Fluharty has worked extensively with cattle producers in Ohio to develop a local all natural beef brand. He also has experience working with other alternative cattle finishing enterprises as well as traditional cattle feeding.  Dr. Fluharty will be discussing current market conditions and how they impact commodity and alternative (all-natural, grass-fed, age and source verified, etc.) and tips for successful management of cattle for these alternative programs. 

Based on previous cattle feeder surveys, the majority of cattle feeders market some of their cattle through auction facilities.   Some cattle feeders are marketing directly to packing plants and value of cattle are based on grid or formula.   Even though these finished cattle are marketed through different outlets, the value all of these animals are based on grid pricing systems.  Dr. Amy Radunz, UW Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, will discuss how grid market prices are determined and how this applies to cattle marketed through an auction facility. 

Enterprise budgets can be a useful tool to help manage risk in a cattle feeding operation, and to generate projections on cattle.  The clinic will include an interactive demonstration of how to use the UW Extension Feedlot Enterprise Budget and segments of the budget, which are important to provide more accurate projections on cattle. 

Registrations will start at 10 am and with presentations beginning at 10:30 am. The workshop should wrap up at about 2:00 pm.  Please pre-register by contact the Monroe County Extension Office at 269-8722 so that adequate handouts and meals may be prepared.  There is no cost to attend and a complimentary lunch will be provided.  Club 16 is located at 1615 W. Wisconsin St, Sparta.







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