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Vinehout Hits the Campaign Trail


Now that she has officially announced as a candidate for governor in the recall election of Scott Walker, Kathleen Vinehout is making her way around the state and introducing herself to voters.

One of the key concerns for supporters is how she can match up against the big money candidates in Madison and Milwaukee.

"We'll have the money," she said in an exclusive interview with WWIS.  "One of the traditions in Wisconsin politics is that voters time and again have not always chosen the candidates that spend the most money.  I'll be happy to be known as the candidate who runs a campaign on a shoestring budget."

Vinehout says she decided to make a run for the governorship because people from across the state had written or called and asked her to do so.

"Many people said we needed to start over at go and they believe that I have the demeanor to do that."

Vinehout will be introducing herself to voters on the eastern side of the state in coming days and meeting voters "in large groups or small groups wherever I can."





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