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Fire Fighter Killed in Abbotsford Identified


A Colby fire-fighter killed in a blaze at the Abby Theatre in Abbotsford has been identified.


Jamison Kampmeyer – who was also a Marathon County sheriff’s deputy,  was one of three fire-fighters who were trapped inside the building when a ceiling collapsed. Two other fire personnel were hurt from falling bricks – and all the survivors had non-life-threatening injuries. The blaze broke out yesterday at the 63-year-old movie theater in downtown Abbotsford, about 20 miles north of Marshfield. Federal, state, and local authorities are trying to determine what caused the blaze – in which the four walls were left standing but the roof caved in. Kampmeier had been a Marathon County deputy since the spring of 2004, and was a member of the county’s SWAT team. He also served as an advisor at North-central Technical College in Wausau.





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