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Assembly Approves Radcliffe Jobs Training Bill

(3/14/12) Black River Falls-Representative Mark Radcliffe (D-Black River Falls) released the following statement regarding the Wisconsin State Assembly approving his Technical High School Diploma legislation and it being sent to the Governor’s desk for his signature:

“Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly took up my Technical Education High School Diploma bill, and

I was pleased that the Assembly approved the bill for passage on a bi-partisan voice vote. The bill

authorizes a school board to grant a technical high school diploma to a pupil if he or she meets the

district and statewide graduation requirements and successfully completes a technical program as

approved by the school district, such as welding or certified nursing assistant. This bill meets a critical

need in our state to help train a highly skilled workforce and to give all students the opportunity to learn

a trade if they want to. I am pleased that with this bill’s passage by both houses of the legislature, we can

continue the important work of educating our children and preparing them for work in a global

economy. I look forward to continuing to work with our educators, school districts and other leaders in

workforce development on this important issue.”

“As I have said before, when I speak with high school students many say that they would take advantage

of such a technical diploma program while in high school. This bill will give students the opportunity to

pursue and learn a trade while in high school. They can then use this education to help market

themselves to the employers who have told me they fully support the idea, or to further their education

after graduation. Under this bill, businesses will have more incentive to reinvest in schools given that the

students will be able to learn the skills that the businesses need their employees to have. In order to

compete in a rapidly changing economy and bring jobs back to Wisconsin, we need a skilled workforce

and this legislation is a piece of that puzzle. Previous generations of Americans built our great country

with both their hands and their minds. This legislation recognizes the lesson learned in the past that if

you give our next generation the skills to rebuild our economy they will deliver. I am pleased that the

Wisconsin State Assembly and State Senate agree.”







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