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UWEX Ecology and Cultivation of Wisconsin's Native Plants


(3/20/12) The Jackson County UW-Extension is offering a spring horticulture program on the  Ecology and Cultivation of Wisconsin’s Native Plants.  The Spring Session consist of six courses and will be held on Tuesday nights from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m. beginning on Tuesday March 20th.



Discover the array of plant communities native to Wisconsin, how to apply this knowledge to gardening endeavors and the impact of mistakes made in the past.  Further develop your perspective of sustainability as it would apply in your efforts.  Find answers to common questions such as – What can be grown under trees in a shady yard; Sugar maples are native to all parts of Wisconsin, why do they often grow poorly in a home landscape; Many homeowners love paper birch.  Why are white-barked birches prone to borers in areas of Wisconsin. What might a homeowner do to grow white-barked birch without using pesticides? Boxelder trees, grey and redosier dogwoods, horsetails, Virginia waterleaf, eastern redcedar, Canada goldenrod, grapes and a few other native plants are on the Wisconsin DNR invasive species list. Why and what conditions might lead to native plants being considered invasive?

Schedule of program topics:


March 20: Plant Communities in Wisconsin

March 27: Landscaping with Native Plants

April 3: Non-Native Insects: Usual Suspects; Non-Native Insects: New Pests on the Horizon

April 10: Invasive Plant Species: Biology; Invasive Plant Species: Management

April 17: Attracting Wildlife to the Landscape

April 24: Defining Sustainability

The programs are open to any interested gardeners.  The sessions will be offered at the Jackson County Extension office in Black River Falls while broadcast from the UW-Madison campus, $30 for all six session or $5.00/session, for more information call(715) 284-4257.





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