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Staff Save Life

(4/4/12) A sergeant, two officers and three nurses at Jackson Correctional Institution (JCI) are being touted for their combined coordination efforts in saving the life of an inmate.

On March 31, Sgt. Brian Meshun and Officers Denise Olson and Kathie Boehm worked

collaboratively with an inmate who, after running during his outside recreation time, returned to

his unit and informed the sergeant he was not feeling well. He reported having chest pains and

asked to walk to the institution’s health services unit so he could be evaluated by medical staff.

After a brief discussion between the sergeant and officers, it was determined that the inmate’s

condition was serious enough that he should not walk to the health unit but rather required an

immediate escort by wheelchair. After being transported to the health unit, the inmate collapsed

without a pulse and stopped breathing.

CPR was initiated immediately and shock from an AED was delivered while an ambulance was

dispatched. Shortly thereafter the inmate and the inmate's pulse resumed and he began to breathe

on his own. JCI’s health staff continued medical care until the patient was turned over to Black

River EMS.

The nurses involved with the event were Carla Griggs, Cheryl Marsolek and Carol Middleton.

Griggs previously worked for an agency that provides medical services for St. Croix Correctional

Center and was at JCI in that capacity on March 31. She has been a nurse for 11 years and this

was the first time a patient had "coded" in her presence. Marsolek and Middleton are both

experienced emergency room nurses, which likely aided in the rapid and necessary response that

aided in the inmate’s recovery.

The inmate was transported to Black River Memorial Hospital for evaluation and treatment. He

was later transferred to Luther Middlefort Hospital in Eau Claire. The inmate’s condition is

reported currently as stable.







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