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(4/22/12) Here are the stories:

Russell Plummer’s family believes there are still some unanswered questions about his death.  The 20 year old National Guard soldier was found dead in the Chippewa County Forest two and a half years ago.  Jay North is Plummer’s father.  He says his son couldn’t have fallen down a hill and wound up in the location he was found because there are too many trees.  The cause of death was listed as, quoting here, “possibly hypothermia.”  His family says Plummer would have been able to crawl the 30 yards to his waiting car if he had hypothermia.  They are holding a public meeting today in Cleveland where they plan to start circulating a petition calling on the sheriff to reopen the case.  


The NFL says suits by former Packers tight end Mark Chmura and others are meritless.  Chmura has joined a growing group of former NFL players who are suing the league, claiming their cognitive abilities have declined due to concussions they suffered while playing.  Hundreds of players are involved and their suits may be combined.  There are said to be nearly 13 hundred plaintiffs listed in more than 60 law suits.  Former Packers whose names are on the list include Santana Dotson, LeRoy Butler and Dorsey Levens.  


The Marathon County Sheriff’s office say the pilot wasn’t injured when his handmade biplane fell into a central Wisconsin lake yesterday.  Glen Burt of Wausau was the only person in the plane when it went down.  An official at Wausau Downtown Airport says Burt was approaching for a landing yesterday when he started having engine trouble.  The single-engine World War I replica went down in Lake Wausau and a boater picked the pilot up.  


The “Become a Citizen Now” campaign started last month and targets foreign-born residents who have been in the U.S. long enough to qualify for naturalization in Wisconsin and almost a dozen other states.  Teams of volunteers have been recruited to push programs aimed at adding thousands of new U.S. citizens to the registered voter lists in time for the November presidential election.  The “Become a Citizen Now” campaign says it is hoping to help five thousand immigrants complete the challenging application process to become citizens and register to vote.  It usually takes about five months to qualify for citizenship.


Low flying planes will begin spraying for gypsy moths in Wisconsin this week.  The state says spraying of a non-toxic, organic insecticide will continue through a week from tomorrow if it’s necessary.  It will be done in southern Wisconsin.  Grant, Green, Iowa, Lafayette and Vernon counties will be sprayed.  The state says it has to do this to control the spread of gypsy moths, which are destructive and invasive pests which feed on the leaves of several types of trees and shrubs.  Bad weather could cancel or delay the effort.  The project requires calm winds, high humidity and no rain or other precipitation.


Up to 20 million dollars in federal grants will be awarded for projects aimed at helping the Great Lakes.  The EPA recently visited states, cities, Indian tribes, universities and nonprofit groups to invite them to apply for the grants.  The money will come from funding Congress appropriated under the Obama administration’s Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  All applications are due by May 24, with the work to focus on preventing invasive species from spreading, slowing toxic pollution and control of runoff from farms and cities.  


A man wanted for murder in Ohio was arrested in Eau Claire last week.  Toledo police say 21 year old James E. Sutton the Fourth is one of three men who were wanted for killing Torian Tall in a gas station a week ago today.  Sutton had been arrested on a theft report in Eau Claire.  When Toledo police heard Sutton had been picked up, they reportedly immediately filed an arrested warrant in Toledo Municipal Court.  Tall was shot and killed just before 3 a.m. last Sunday behind a gas station.


Another pretty good crowd was drawn to yet another liquidation sale for the property of former Koss Corporation executive Sue Sachdeva (satch DEE vuh).  She is serving 11 years for embezzling about 34 million dollars from the country.  Several hundred people showed up yesterday in Mequon to examine the goodies.  The sale extends to today between noon and 3 p.m.  The items on sale yesterday were just a fraction of those bought by Sachdeva in the years before her arrest.  A similar sale was held by the U.S. Marshals Service a year ago last month.  The items on sale yesterday were said to be a small percentage of the more than 22 thousand items Sachdeva allegedly brought with the money she stole.





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