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Suspects Arrested in String of Business Burglaries

(5/4/12) Deputies arrest two men in burglary spree – felony charges filed.


The early morning hours of April 23, 2012 was an exceptionally busy morning for Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies as three (3) different businesses in Jackson County were targets of an early morning burglary spree.


Arrested and currently charged in these burglaries are two City of Black River Falls men. They are identified as 19 year old JOHN (B) COOK and 21 year old ARON FOGLESON.


The first burglary alarm sounded just after midnight at the Hixton Cheese Hut located in the Village of Hixton. Responding deputies found that the business had been unlawfully entered. Deputies found a smashed window and upon further investigation found no one inside. Further investigation revealed that over 200 dollars’ worth of cigarettes had been taken.


As deputies continued with this investigation, another burglar alarm sounded just after 1:00 AM in the Village of Taylor. This time the Taylor General Store had an alarm sounding as one squad from the Hixton investigation responded. Mutual aid was requested from the Trempealeau County Sheriff’s Office to assist.


Upon the arrival of law enforcement officers they found a door smashed out at the store. Deputies checked the interior and found no on present inside.


Much like the Hixton burglary, the Taylor General Store suffered a substantial loss of cigarette products valued well over six hundred dollars (600). Replacement cost to the damaged door was estimated at over 1000.00 dollars (one thousand dollars).









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News Release

May 4, 2012




Again at just after 3:00 am, Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to yet another report of a burglary this time at the Melrose Express located in the Village of Melrose. A paper delivery man reported a possible break in and sheriff’s deputies responded.


Once at the scene, deputies found that the front door to this business was also smashed in. Deputies entered the building and found that no one was inside.


During this investigation deputies learned that the suspects once inside removed liquor, cigarettes and lighters from the business.


It was learned later that this business suffered a loss of over 2000.00 dollars (two-thousand) between the damage done to the store and the property stolen.


Law Enforcement believed that all three burglaries were connected and subsequently set out to find out who was responsible.


Deputies first reviewed surveillance tapes recovered from the business. This provided law enforcement with clues as to who was responsible.


Deputy Nick Gray of the Sheriff’s Office assisted by Deputy Matt Koran worked together on a leads Deputy Gray had developed through the City of Black River Falls Police. Subsequent information then lead to a search warrant being executed on the vehicle belonging to ARON FOGLESON.


Items retrieved from within FOGLESONS vehicle were believed to be at least part of the loot taken in the three burglaries. Deputy Gray, who is also a Sergeant for the Village of Melrose Police spoke with a family member of FOGLESON who confirmed that he had confessed to the burglaries and knew he was in trouble.


Deputy Gray then interviewed JOHN COOK, who confirmed he has seen FOGLESON with a large quantity of property such as cigarettes and liquor. COOK told Deputy Gray that FOGLESON had told him he had found it alongside the road.


On April 27, 2012 deputies caught up with FOGLESON who came to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office voluntarily.




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News release

May 4, 2012



During that visit, FOGLESON did confess to sheriff’s deputies that he committed (5) five different burglaries on April 23, 2012. FOGLESON admitted to burglarizing the Cheese Hut Taylor General Store, a business located in LaCrosse County and two different burglaries to the Melrose Express, that same morning.


During this confession, FOGLESON did confirm that his partner in these burglaries was JOHN COOK.


FOGLESON related that the two men talked about the fact that they were both out of money, cigarettes and gas and really had no place to go. They then apparently decided to do the burglaries.


JOHN COOK was subsequently contacted and taken into custody regarding these crimes.


Both men are incarcerated in the Jackson County Jail awaiting initial hearings. Both men are confined on a 5,000 dollar cash bond.


In response to the arrests of these suspects, Sheriff Duane Waldera voiced his praise for the deputies involved stating “These officers followed the evidence and did a great job of holding the people responsible for their crimes.”


Sheriff Waldera also pointed out that his department is busy following up and a rash of burglaries and cautioned resident to be aware and to take proper steps to ensure they do not become victims.








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