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Recall Election Draws Near


Governor Scott Walker holds a five point margin over Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the final poll before tomorrow's recall election in Wisconsin.

Both candidates are making last minute pushes around the state today.  Barrett is in LaCrosse while Walker holds a meeting in West Salem.

Congressman Ron Kind weighed in on the recall issue Saturday at the Jackson County On the Farm Breakfast.

"It's been unfortunate to see how bitterly divided our state is," Kind said.  "Yeah there are going to be differences in policy, but as a leader of a state, you can't tell people that their voices don't matter.  Thats what caused all this acrimony, when Governor Walker decided to take this all out assault on workers and working families throughout the state, and divide them.  You're going to get this kind of reaction."

Kind supports Barrett in the recall.  The two campaigned together in Western Wisconsin in 2010.





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