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More Charges Expected for Captured Escapees


Two fugitives who were just weeks away from finishing their Wisconsin prison terms now face a host of new charges in federal court and two states, for a crime spree soon after they escaped.

James Misleveck and James Newman were arrested near Hollywood Florida yesterday. They’re due in court today in Broward County Florida, where a judge will be asked to extradite them to Wisconsin to face their new charges. They were wanted in Jackson and Monroe counties for stealing four vehicles and a shotgun, kidnapping a woman, and leading police on a chase that turned into a large manhunt. It all happened last week, right after the 18-year-old Misleveck and the 29-year-old Newman walked out of the minimum-security prison at Black River Falls. Authorities in Hollywood Florida said the two were spotted driving around a casino parking lot – and they led officers on a chase which ended when they fled their stolen vehicle. Both were captured a short time later. They reportedly stole a car in Florida, and authorities say they face charges in that state for grand theft auto, loitering, and resisting arrest. Federal weapons charges were also filed yesterday, for the theft of a shotgun from a pick-up truck in Black River Falls soon after the prison escape. Officials said the gun was also used in the kidnapping. It was recovered from one of the stolen vehicles. Prosecutors in Monroe and Jackson counties have yet to decide what charges they’ll file. They could include kidnapping, reckless endangerment, escape, and thefts.

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