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Much Need Rainfall in Black River Country

(8/4/12-Tony Hart) Some greatly needed rain fell in Black River Country over and night and in some cases is continuing this morning. 

The drought that has plagued Midwest has completely wiped out some crops, while in some areas crops are doing alright.  Trish Wagner is Jackson County's Agricultural Agent.  She spoke earlier this morning on WWIS about the drought conditions in the county and said conditions vary from field to field, area to area around the county.  Some crops will have an okay yield, while others are have difficulty pollinating which will result in little to no yields.

Meanwhile, dozens of Wisconsin farmers have reportedly applied to the DNR for emergency permits to pump irrigation water from creeks and streams. So far, the state has reportedly issued about 50 of the permits, mostly in southern and central Wisconsin. The permits are good for 30 days and the DNR's program ends next month. Farmers have to keep track of stream levels and they are forced to stop if the water falls below a pre-determined level.





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