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(8/5/12) Here are the stories:

Police say their 24 year old suspect has confessed and expressed remorse for his crime.  He was arrested on charges of secretly filming his female roommate which she was in the bathroom.  The woman is 22.  She says she noticed a reflecting lens on the floor, then found a digital video camera taped to the rug.  She left the home immediately and told police about the incident.  The two had been roommates for a year.


Racine Democrat John Lehman says his campaign's Twitter account has a simple password and he thinks it was hacked.  The state Senator denies responsibility for a tweet which called a Republican constituent a "moronic fool,"  and he says he's closing down the Twitter account.  Republican blogger Tamra Varebrook was the target.  Varebrook ran as a fake Democrat against Lehman last May to force a Democratic primary election – before the successful recall effort against former state Senator Van Wanggaard.  


A father and son accused of stomping a puppy to death are to appear in court next Wednesday.  Forty-nine year old Fred Gossett and his 22 year old son, Curtis, killed the puppy last week.  Curtis Gossett reportedly told a neighbor in Racine about killing the puppy.  The neighbor told police he found the puppy still alive, but in a pool of blood with its eyes bulging.  The puppy's owner says she had borrowed 15 dollars from Curtis Gossett for gas.  She had only repaid two dollars so far, but there is no official connection established with the attack yet.


An Oshkosh woman is sentenced to almost two years in jail for having sex with three boys, aged 14 to 16.  Tessa Gray apologized to the boys in court last Friday.  She could have been sentenced to 80 years, but pleaded guilty to lesser charges in a deal with prosecutors.  Gray's defense attorney had argued his client continued the sexual contact to keep the boys from ending their friendship with her daughter.  Prosecutors had argued the 35 year old Gray should be treated no differently than a man in a similar situation.


Finally, something good about drought.  It isn't much consolation for farmers scanning the heavens looking for a sign of rain for their crops or livestock, but the lack of rain is cutting back on the mosquito population.  The bad news is, bugs like boxelders will flourish.  They are usually harmless, but can be a nuisance.  Entomologists say we might also see a population explosion among ground-nesting yellow jackets just before fall arrives.


Wisconsin Congressman Tom Petri says air travel is much safer than driving, despite the attention given incidents like the near miss at Reagan National Airport involving three planes.  Petri admits he's still not totally relaxed when his plane takes off.  The Fond du Lac Republican insists safety will get even better as the national air traffic control system is modernized.  Another Wisconsin Congressman, Jim Sensenbrenner, was riding a plane two years ago which experienced a near miss.


Two men were arrested last week when their story didn't make sense.  Following a traffic violation, a van with Matthew Turner of Madison and Brandon Kalish of Dodgeville inside was stopped.  They were arrested on drug charges.  Turner had told officers he had been fishing, but they noticed there was no fishing equipment inside that van.  However, drug paraphernalia and heroin was found inside the vehicle.  


Police say a 15 year old shooting victim was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Seven people are being held in connection with the death of Jeremy Teller last Tuesday night.  Police say Teller wasn't the target.  The suspects were looking for another person who had fought them earlier that night.    One of the suspects is a woman.  They had come to Teller's house looking for the person involved in the fight.  Green Bay police say some of the suspects are already cooperating with them.





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