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Burnstad's Market Presents-Real Local

(8/30/12) At Burnstad's Market we understand the importance of supporting our local economy.  We are proud to provide our valued guests' with a large variety of products produced within 100 miles of any local Burnstad's Market.

Items produced or made within 100 miles of any Burnstad's Market will be signed with a "Real Local" shelf label with efforts to help identify these respected items and help promote those items accordingly.

From Wenzel Farms in Marshfield, WI to Weggy Winery in Muscoda, WI our company objectives are to support the local farmer/business. 

"There's local products....and there's "Real Local" products.  At Burnstad's Market we wanted to differentiate the two and explain to our valued guests' that we understand the importance of supporting the same men and women who support our four great communities.  By adding increased signage on our store shelves and throughout our facilities – we are doing just that.  Buying REAL LOCAL is telling our friends and neighbors that you are important to them....and they are important to you.  The local farmer or business person plays a key role in the success of our company; the goal at the end of the day is to help one another succeed.....and have fun doing so."  Derek Burnstad – Vice President; Burnstad's Market

Buy Local, Support Local with REAL LOCAL products





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