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(9/23/12) Here are the stories:

President Barack Obama makes a weekend visit to Milwaukee for a pair of fundraisers.  It was the first
time the President has been in the Badger State since last February.  With the election just six weeks away, both Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are doing a lot of fundraising these days.  Though the President won Wisconsin's electoral votes easily in 2008, a spokesperson says the campaign has always thought this state would be harder to take this time around.  Recent polling shows the Democratic incumbent ahead here, but only by single digits – and vice
presidential candidate Paul Ryan is very popular in his home state.


A wide-ranging plan changing the way employees are recruited, paid and evaluated at the University
of Wisconsin-Madison will be forwarded to the UW System Board of Regents and the
state Legislature.  If it's passed, the changes for those 20 thousand workers
could go into effect my next summer.  The plan released Friday includes
performance-based pay increases for faculty and staff, plus a guarantee of a
living wage for all employees.  The new approach would reportedly give hiring
managers more flexibility in adjusting salary offers to make the school
competitive nationwide.


As he was about to be
sentenced to 20 years in prison, 28 year old Jeremiah T. Brown told the judge he
took responsibility for what he called his "senseless act."  That man from
Racine shot 34 year old Terrell Byers after a card game.  Brown apologized to
his family and Byers' family after the sentencing.  The two men were reportedly
playing cards in 2009 when tensions developed.  Witnesses say things calmed down
when Brown left, but he was accused of returning with a gun wrapped in plastic.
Byers was shot in the back.


The Monroe County
sheriff's office says a female's body was found in a burned-out car bearing
Minnesota license plates.  Investigators are still trying to identify the victim
and pin down the cause of her death.  A witness called to report the burning car
in the Town of Ridgeville Tuesday morning.  Detectives say they are following up
on leads from outside the area.  The female found dead inside the burning 1998
Pontiac Grand Prix was not its registered owner.


State wildlife officials
will ask the Natural Resources Board at its meeting next Wednesday for
permission to create emergency regulations on the use of dogs in next month's
wolf hunt.  Several humane societies sued the DNR last month, saying the
agency's rules failed to include any restrictions on the use of dogs.  They say
that could lead to deadly fights between dogs and wolves.  The DNR wants to
simultaneously work on permanent rules for dogs used in the hunts.  A Dane
County judge banned the use of dogs while he considers a permanent ruling on the


Court records show the
parents of a three year old girl who drowned in Danbury last month have been
charged with neglect.  The body of Reena Mae Williams was found last month in a
canal near her home.  The girl had gone missing the night before and a neighbor
had reported seeing her walking in the street.  Forty-two year old Thomas Jay
Williams and 33 year old Jenna Danish now face charges of felony child neglect
resulting in death in Burnett County.  The arrest of the two had not been
officially reported as of yesterday.


Relatives of James
Southworth are hoping an announced reward will lead to a new break in the 11
year old case.  Southworth was shot in the back while he was hunting alone near
Chili November 23rd, 2001.  Clark County sheriff's officials say they are still
looking for a pickup which had been seen parked near the location where
Southworth's body was discovered.  Three men were seen standing around the truck
at about noon that day.  Investigators want to talk to them.


A woman tells Dane County
sheriff's deputies she fired several shots at a masked intruder who tried to
break into her home early yesterday morning.  The man ran away when she started
shooting and it isn't know if he was injured.  Both sheriff's deputies and
Madison police officers were called to the home in the town of Blooming Grove at
about 2 a.m. on the report of an attempted home invasion.  The woman told police
she was investigating what sounded like footsteps when the intruder confronted
her and tried to use a form of pepper spray on her.






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