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Judge Wants to Continue Restraining Order

(9/27/12) A western Wisconsin school district wants a judge to continue a restraining order to keep a fired custodian off school property.

54-year-old David Booth was fired from the Eleva-Strum schools on September 12th. And according to court records, school officials were concerned that Booth would take his life and involve students and-or staff members in the process. The district received a restraining order against Booth, and it asked a judge yesterday to extend it. But a Trempealeau County judge said school officials did not have proper legal representation at the hearing, and the matter was delayed until October 17th. By then, the Eleva-Strum School Board is expected to decide how long it wants the restraining order to continue. Officials said Booth violated school policies by taking his daughter and three other girls to a boys' high school locker room, so he could take their pictures while they wore football uniforms. According to court documents, Eleva-Strum officials got concerned September 18th when he told school employees he would not soon "be around." Booth's ex-wife also asked for a restraining order, but the judge turned it down. Other than the photos, school officials said the girls were not the victims of any improper behavior.





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