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Holmen Man Gets Prison Time

 (10/13/12) Addison Steiner, the Holmen man who locked his 3-year-old son in a bedroom tying the door shut with a bungee cord, told the court he was just a single parent trying to make a better life for his kids, working nights, going to school by day, doing the best he could. 

Police arrested him in April 2011 when called to his home for reports of suspected child abuse and child abandonment.  According to this morning's La Crosse Tribune, a jury convicted Steiner of child abandonment and one misdemeanor count of child neglect, but jurors couldn't agree on a verdict on two felony abuse charges. Steiner failed to show for his sentencing hearing in May and was later arrested at a Houston County, Minnesota campground. He's been in jail ever since on a $10,000 bond.  On Friday, Steiner was sentenced to spend 2½ years in prison and five years on supervised release.





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