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Cell Phones a No Go for Young Drivers


A new state law taking effect November first will prohibit drivers with an instruction permit or probationary license from operating a motor vehicle while using a cell phone – unless it’s to report an emergency.

Wisconsin State Patrol Major Sandy Huxtable says the new law is aimed at novice drivers who lack experience behind the wheel and tend to be more easily distracted…

"This is just another tool that we have in order to try to eliminate distractions from motorists. This one happens to target primarily teens because those are the ones that are on the probationary driver’s license – but it really is an effort to try to eliminate distractions because distractions are becoming so prevalent in the crashes that are occurring out there today."

Violations can result in a fine up to $40 for a first offense and up to $100 for subsequent violations. Wisconsin will join 32 other states that already ban cell phone use by novice drivers.








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