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Burnstad's Market Becomes 500 Club Member

 (11/7/12) You may be seeing green the next time you enter a Burnstad's Market. 

A newly formed partnership between Burnstad's Market and the 500 Club® is set to kick-off during the month of November and will be bringing an easily identifiable green fork and plate logo along with it.  The 500 Club® was created at Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI more than 30 years ago by a registered dietitian and a physician looking to help newly diagnosed cardiology patients choose healthy menu options while dining out.  Over the years, the 500 Club® has transformed into something much greater.  The target audience is no longer specific to cardiology patients, but rather individuals and families looking for balanced meals controlled in calories and fat.  The reach of the 500 Club® has expanded beyond local restaurants and can now be found in k-12 school cafeterias, university dining services, ball parks, vending machines, and even grocery stores. 

Look for 500 Club® labeled items throughout the Deli and Produce departments of all four Burnstad's Markets; Black River Falls, Richland Center, Spencer, and Tomah.  Food items receiving the 500 Club® green logo and "stamp of approval" have been analyzed by registered dietitians from Gundersen Health System and meet criteria of healthy meal planning.  During the coming weeks, 500 Club® brochures will be located on the tops of all Burnstad's deli cases, which will correlate to many of the "stamped" food items.  The brochure will not only provide calorie and fat information, but also ideas on creating balanced meals while shopping at Burnstad's Markets.   

New educational signs will also be used throughout each supermarket to guide guests during their shopping experience.  These signs will help guests identify products rich in whole grains, choose leaner cuts of meat, navigate the frozen meal isle, and encourage the purchase of low-fat and fat-free dairy products. 

This is another important piece of the puzzle for us in terms of our 2012 company goals; becoming more health conscious as a company and providing a better health based product mix that our guests can enjoy on an everyday basis when shopping our stores.  The American health trends have changed drastically for the worse; it is the responsibility of any food supply company to try and provide solutions to this issue and we are trying to do just that. Exceeding our guest's expectations is what we set out to do each and every day – focusing our efforts on health and nutrition will be a priority for this company moving forward.  Derek Burnstad; Vice President Burnstad's Market 





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