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Menards Flying Employees to Minot

(11/26/12) We keep hearing how bad unemployment is. But in Eau Claire, Menards' is looking for 50 good employees to help cover a severe shortage of workers at its store in Minot North Dakota.

And those people are needed so badly, the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says Menards plans to fly them to Minot on a private jet to-and-from their jobs on a weekly basis – and give them lodging and food while they're there. A booming oil patch in the Minot area has created thousands of jobs, many of which were taken from the local retail industry. As a result, stores there are scrambling to find workers who are nowhere to be found locally. Menards is a home improvement company based in Eau Claire. It had a job fair last week for people in that area who are willing to spend 4-or-5 days a week in Minot, and work 50-to-60 hours at 13-dollars-an-hour plus the chance for overtime, weekend pay, and specific positions.





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