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(12/16/12) Here are the stories:

Calling work in that area
a "huge distraction" from his priorities, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker says
he won't push any more legislation on private or public unions in the next
session.  Walker sent that message to his Republican party through an interview
with the state's largest newspaper, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  The
governor says he's focused on improving the state's economy, making schools
better and training Wisconsin workers.  He said it would slow job growth to have
another confrontational debate like the one which ended most collective
bargaining for most public workers.


The sexual assault case
against Wisconsin billionaire Curt Johnson moves in front of the state Supreme
Court next February 25th.  That's when oral arguments will be heard.  The
attorney general's office filed an appeal there last May.  At question is
whether the alleged victim can testify without first agreeing to release her
medical records.  The teenager and her mother don't want those private records
to be made public.  Johnson was charged last year with the repeated sexual
assault of the same child.  He is the heir to the Johnson family household
product fortune.  Charges were filed against him in March 2011.


A couple from rural
Cambria are accused of stealing Christmas presents from beneath a family's tree.
Investigators say 43 year old Dean Jansma and 46 year old Charlene Gordon took
15 wrapped presents meant for four children last Monday.  They're also accused
of taking tools and other items while they were in the house in the town of
Scott.  Both are charged with felony burglary.  The Columbia County Sheriff's
Department says the family returned home from shopping and dinner to find the
Christmas presents stolen.  Arrests were made in less than 24 hours by checking
pawn store records.  The missing gifts were tracked back to Jansma, then he was
connected to Gordon.


Police have been
questioning two men and a woman who help officers in a standoff in Cudahy
yesterday.  Dispatchers report 9-1-1 calls started coming in at about 8:40 a.m.
Saturday, with reports about a man with a gun walking in an alley.  The South
Shore Tactical Unit was called to the scene.  A man in his 20s was arrested at
about 9 a.m. and his gun taken away.  Witnesses informed unit members about a
second man who ran into a nearby apartment complex.  That man in his 20s was
arrested about three hours late, then a woman in her 20s was also taken into
custody.  No injuries were reported.


The federal prosecutor
says 67 year old banker Jeffrey Tiffany made a false statement to a financial
institution involving an insurance premium financing program.  The U.S.
Attorney's office maintains Tiffany was aware a financing note from a company
wasn't legitimate, but he represented as such.  He could get up to 30 years in
prison.  When the alleged crime occurred, Tiffany was an executive at River
Valley Bank in Wausau.  The FBI conducted the investigation.


All of the media attention
on the so-called "fiscal cliff" centers on the end of the Bush-era tax cuts and
big federal spending reductions.  Failure by Congress to reach a deal could
impact the U.S. economy.  But, the Budget Project at the Wisconsin Council on
Children and Families says that's not all there is to worry about.  Forty
thousand people in Wisconsin would lose their emergency unemployment
compensation.  The number of people affected nationwide could approach two
million unemployment benefit recipients.  A spokesman for the council says 40
percent of all people out of work have been searching for a job for more than
six months.  The deadline everyone is focused on is December 31st.


West Allis police report a
16 year old suspected of shoplifting was subdued on the scene Friday afternoon –
but then things got even more serious.  The teenager quit breathing.  He was
resuscitated by paramedics and taken to Froedtert Hospital.  The incident
happened at a West Allis convenience store located at 92nd and Schlinger.
Police say they are investigating the case more thoroughly.


Madison police say they
have arrested one suspected burglar and are looking for the second one.  A
student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison says he was sleeping on his couch
when he woke up to find two strangers in his downtown house.  The two reportedly
told the student they were looking for somebody named Chris and the student told
them to leave.  He then called police and officers caught 31 year old
Christopher Mason outside a nearby building.  Police say Mason had the victim's
wallet in his possession and a loaded handgun in his backpack.  A stolen laptop
wasn't recovered.





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