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BRF Committee of the Whole Minutes

 (1/17/13) The Committee of the Whole met at City Hall in the City of Black River Falls on            January 16, 2013 at 6:00 P.M. 

Alderpersons Gearing-Lancaster, Chojnacki, Johnson, Herman, R. Eddy, Rahmlow, Olson and J. Eddy were present. Mayor Danielson presided.

1.      The Department Heads presented their monthly reports.

2.      It was moved by Alderperson Johnson, seconded by Alderperson Herman to authorize the purchase of a Lucas 2 mechanical compression device at a cost of $13,068.75.  The Black River Emergency Medical Service currently has two of these units which are in service and working well.  The funds have been budgeted for 2013.  Motion carried.

3.      It was moved by Alderperson Olson, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to approve the 2013 Fire Department officer appointments as follows:

1st Assistant Chief               Darren Vase

2nd Assistant Chief Jody Stoker

3rd Assistant Chief               Mark Nordahl

1st Captain                          Justin Jessop

2nd Captain             Jennifer Amundson

3rd Captain                         Collin Carriere

Secretary                            Mark Nordahl

Treasurer                            Jennifer Amundson

4.      It was moved by Alderperson Chojnacki, seconded by Alderperson R. Eddy to adjourn.  Motion carried.


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