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updated 7:51 PM UTC, May 23, 2018

Sunday State News

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Wheeler News Service –
Sunday, February 24, 2013 – Morning State News

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are the details:

Wisconsin had the nation's second-highest percentage of
people voting in last November's presidential election. And only Wisconsin,
Iowa, and Nevada had higher voting percentages last year than in 2008, when
President Obama was elected for the first time. The U-S Elections' Project at
George Mason University said Wisconsin's voting participation was only behind
Minnesota in 2004, '08, and last year. Seventy-two-and-a-half percent of
voting-age adults in the Badger State helped re-elect Obama last November, up
one-tenth of a percent from the previous White House vote. U-W Madison professor
Barry Burden said a number of factors resulted in last November's high turnout.
It included the fact that Wisconsin was one of just nine states where
presidential race was anywhere near close. The state also had Janesville's Paul
Ryan on the G-O-P ticket. Wisconsin's same-day voter registration also drove up
the turnout. State officials estimate that 400-thousand people registered at the
polls last November. Burden also says the state's demographics played a role,
including its ethnic and racial makeup. And many people voted out of habit.


The final remnants of the massive Midwest snowstorm left
Wisconsin yesterday. And folks had good weather to clear out the final
snow-and-ice that the storm brought. New snow totals were released yesterday.
And the National Weather Service said eight-point-three inches fell since
Thursday in Shawano and Alma. That's more than the previous high of around
seven-and-a-half inches in Two Rivers. But it was still not much compared to the
17-inches that descended on parts of Kansas and Colorado, and the 13-inches
which dropped south to Oklahoma. Meanwhile, forecasters say another large
snow-storm will rumble through the Midwest on Tuesday – but it's supposed to go
further south, and southern Wisconsin might see a little snow from it. Until
then, it's supposed to be dry with patchy nighttime fog, and highs in the 30's
each day.


A former central Wisconsin school teacher has
settled her claim that the Greenwood School District illegally withheld
750-dollars in union dues when she worked there. Amy Anaya is getting the entire
amount back. The National Right-to-Work Foundation announced the settlement. The
group represented Anaya for free in a complaint she filed with the Wisconsin
Employment Relations Commission. Greenwood was among the school districts that
extended their union contracts in the days before the 2011 limits on collective
bargaining took effect. Greenwood officials said a contract was in place when
Anaya started teaching that fall – and therefore, the district was required to
deduct the union dues from her paychecks. But the Right-to-Work Foundation said
the new contract did not take effect until two days after the bargaining limits
took effect. And therefore, the group said the bargaining law trumped the new
contract. At the time the complaint was filed, the group said Anaya's case could
set a statewide precedent on how Act-10 is enforced. But that won't happen now,
because the settlement wipes out the possibility of a hearing on the issue.


Dozens of gun-rights supporters marched in Milwaukee
yesterday, as part of a national "Day of Resistance" by gun owners. Cynthia
Ratz, who organized the Milwaukee rally, said Democrats in Washington are trying
to take away the right to keep-and-bear arms granted by the Second Amendment.
She said quote, "If you don't have the Second Amendment, then the government can
rough-shod over everything else." Officials said the rally was peaceful, and it
lasted for about a half-hour. Congress is considering President Obama's call for
uniform background checks for all gun buyers – including those in private
transactions – and bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.


If you think Wisconsin uses a lot of water, you're right.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says over two-trillion gallons of water are
pulled each year out of lakes, rivers, streams, and underground aquifers. It's a
little more than the annual flow of the Wisconsin River at Wisconsin Dells,
where flowing waters are part of a huge tourist attraction. So how do we know
how much water is being gobbled up? The state D-N-R requires all businesses and
communities to report their water usage, if they're capable of producing
100-thousand gallons or more each day. The order has been on the books for five
years, but we're just now getting a more complete picture of where all the water
goes. The D-N-R said the percentage of users who reported did not exceed
90-percent until 2011. Officials say surface waters meet 90-percent of the
state's water needs, while groundwater provides the rest. The D-N-R's Eric
Ebersberger says the data will help communities manage their water resources,
and try to make them more sustainable. Wisconsin's 30 power plants are the
largest users by far. They take almost 85-percent of the total surface water
used in a year.


A judge in Racine is letting a disabled
man stay in his home, after he was accused of molesting an eight-year-old
neighbor. Prosecutors said 60-year-old Robert Lambkin sexually assaulted the
youngster on February 12th, while she was walking through an alley near their
homes. A court commissioner agreed to let Lambkin stay under house arrest
because he has heart problems and walks with a crutch. Prosecutors later asked a
judge to force Lambkin to find another home, because the young neighbor was
having panic attacks by hearing his voice while she was outside. The judge
allowed Lambkin to stay in his home – but all of shades must be drawn, and he
cannot be outside at the same time as the child. Lambkin is charged with
first-degree child sexual assault. He's due back in court March sixth, when a
judge will decide if there's enough evidence to order a trial.


A 13-year-old boy killed in a Door County snowmobile crash was
identified yesterday as Brett Buhr of Brussels. Authorities said his machine was
crossing a road near Brussels late Friday afternoon when it collided with a
pick-up truck. Buhr died a short time later at a Green Bay hospital. The truck
driver was not hurt.


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