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updated 10:19 AM UTC, May 20, 2018

Sunday State News

  • Written by Bob Gabrielson
  • Published in News


News Service - Sunday, March 31, 2013 - Sunday News Report 




Powerball:  11-23-26-46-55 Powerball-27

MegaBucks:  3-13-17-30-36-40

SuperCash:  2-5-7-21-25-31 doubler-No

Badger 5:   16-19-20-26-30

Pick 4:     4-2-8-9

Pick 3:     4-5-2




Here are the stories:


Drivers headed to the south edge of La Crosse are being warned about backups caused by a landslide blocking part of Highway 14-61.  The slide happened yesterday at abut 5:30 p.m. near the Highway 35 split.  Local officials say traffic is being rerouted into the eastbound lanes.  The La Crosse County highway department was on the scene to help clean up, but no estimate was given about how long it might take to clear the roadway.




Marathon County officials say they don't think low staffing levels contributed to an attack last week which has left a corrections officer in critical condition.  Six years ago a consultants' report indicated the jail was so understaffed the people working there could be in danger.  The attack on the 36 year old female jail guard happened last Wednesday when she was hit in the head.   A second guard was injured when he came to her aid.  Staffing levels in the Marathon County Jail were even lowered than when the report was filed in 2007.




Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources officials say a eagle's nest has been confirmed near the Fox River in Burlington.  Experts say it's the first eagle's nest confirmed in the area since at least the 1800s.  Nesting grounds for eagles are more common in northern Wisconsin.  The confirmation came last week in southwest Racine County when a DNR wildlife technician flew over the nest.  Seth Fisher didn't see eggs, but did see an eagle hunkering down in a way which suggested it was incubating one.  Eagles are monitored by the state because they are considered to be a species of "special concern."




The Milwaukee Archdiocese is confirming a pastor of St. Pius X church in Wauwatosa has been suspended from his duties at both the church and the Wauwatosa Catholic School.  Police are investigating an allegation against the Reverend Bob Marsicek.  Church officials say the suspension is the usual church protocol when an investigation is being conducted.  Though police have not released the details of the allegation against the pastor, the church points out that Marsicek hasn't been arrested and he is cooperating with detectives.  Other priests from the area are helping cover today's Easter services at St. Pius X.




Western Minnesota officials have identified the victim of a fatal small plane crash near Moorhead as 48 year old Kevin Ferris of Duluth.  He took off from the Superior airport Friday morning to visit his parents over the Easter weekend.  Ferris was found dead after his plane went down four miles south of Hawley.  There is speculation Ferris tried to land the single-engine Cessna because of fog in the area.  His girlfriend says Ferris started flying two years ago, calling him a conscientious pilot who always took flying seriously.  A search plane spotted the wreckage last Friday afternoon.




Even though the first steps are being taken by Gogebic Taconite, northern Wisconsin is still several years away from construction being done on a controversial iron mine.  Reviews of a permit application could take up to two years, then construction of infrastructure like large-capacity electrical power lines and roads or railroads would have to be built.  There's also the face a legal fight is almost certain.  Gogebic Taconite is expected to start exploratory drilling in northern Iron and Ashland counties when the sprint time weather starts to warm.




While the Legislative Fiscal Bureau estimates the governor's budget plan would leave Wisconsin with a 644 million dollar structural deficit, Governor Walker says a continuation of the state's economic growth would help cover that.  Walker says even if Wisconsin finishes below the 10-year average, there should be more than enough revenue to make up for that projected shortfall.  He says growth of just two percent would do it.  Some members of Walker's own Republican party have expressed concern about the structural deficit, pointing back to all the hard work it took to cover the three billion dollar budget hole in the last spending plan.  State revenue estimates due in May will help give members of the Joint Finance Committee a better idea of where they stand.




An old hand grenade caused a lot of excitement in a Platteville neighborhood early Friday evening.  Police evacuated several homes around 595 Broadway Street when a homeowner going through old belongings found the device.  Traffic was diverted around that location for about three hours.  A crew from Dane County was called and an initial inspection concluded the device likely was an active hand grenade.  Residents were allowed to return to their homes.



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