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BRF Common Council Agenda for April 3rd


 COMMON COUNCIL AGENDA Wednesday, April 3, 2013 6:00 P.M. CITY HALL

Reading of minutes of March 5, 2013 Council meeting

2.      Citizens in attendance                           

3.      Committee Reports:                  Committee of the Whole           March 20, 2013

Utility Commission                    February 25, 2013

                                                March 25, 2013

4.                                             Old Business:                                None

5.      New Business:                          Ordinance #814, Room Tax

Wage adjustment for non-represented/non-Public Safety City employees in line with Street Department contract

6.      Meetings:                                  Special Council (2)                   April 16, 2013              6:00 P.M.

Committee of the Whole           April 16, 2013              Following                        

   Council Meeting





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