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Back to School Game Plan


Before your kids head back to the classroom, take time for a refresher course in safety.

Tressie Kamp, Wisconsin's Safe Routes to School coordinator, outlines a lesson plan.

"Although it can be easy to focus on the bad things that might happen when walking or biking to school, it's more meaningful simply to teach kids to be alert bicyclists and walkers. Just as we hear more messages not to text and drive, students should also stay safe by focusing on what's happening around them, rather than using a cell phone or listening to loud music, as they walk or bike."

Kamp says drivers also need to pay attention and focus on the road, especially in school zones and residential neighborhoods. Slow down and follow posted speed limits. And, remember, just because you can see someone walking or biking, doesn’t mean that person sees you. For more information go to and search for kids safety





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