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Petitions to Legalize Bee-Keeping in Eau Claire

(10/9/13) Over 500 people have signed petitions to legalize bee-keeping in Eau Claire. 

 The practice is not illegal, because the city has no ordinance which either accepts or bans it.  Still, an Eau Claire group called "Save the Bees" says urban bee-keeping can help keep the insects alive.  That's after a disease called "colony collapse disorder" put a big reduction in the U-S bee population.  Nicole Sorenson brought bee hives to the U-W Eau Claire campus four years ago.  She says they've done a great job showing students how honey is extracted, and why they're important for bio-diversity.  The "Save the Bees" group wants Eau Claire to create an ordinance similar to one that Madison established last year.  It requires that bee-hives be 25-feet from neighboring homes.





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