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Wheeler News Service – Sunday, October 27, 2013 - News Summary

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Here are the stories:


A former Kenosha County Board supervisor and small business owner announced he will enter the race for Congress. Rob Zerban made it official yesterday, challenging for the seat held by Congressman Paul Ryan. The 45-year-old Zerban says he supports immigration reform, same-sex marriage and green technology. He adds that growth in businesses across the U-S is also a focus of his campaign.




Fire investigators say a marsh fire in Fond du Lac County was caused by an A-T-V engine. The blaze burned about 80 acres yesterday afternoon, near the town of Calumet. Authorities say hunters driving the A-T-V packed dry cattails around the exhaust and engine, acting as flint for the fire. The blaze spread quickly because of the dry, windy condition. Officials say no buildings were destroyed or damaged in the fire, no one was injured.




A music professor at the University of Wisconsin-Superior has resigned over a criminal conviction in Utah. School officials say Matthew Faerber was suspended when they learned he pleaded guilty in a 1991 attempted sexual assault charge, involving two 13-year-old music students. He was sentenced to six month in jail. Faerber was hired in 1998, before the U-W System required background checks. When school officials found out about the case, he was placed on administrative leave on August 28. Faerber resigned on Friday.





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