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House Votes

(11/15/13) The U-S House voted today to let insurance companies sell individual health policies that do not meet the standards set in the Affordable Care Act.

The vote was 261-to-157. La Crosse Democrat Ron Kind joined all five Wisconsin Republicans in supporting the bill. Kind and 35 other Democrats joined virtually all majority Republicans in passing it. The other Wisconsin Democrats -- Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan -- joined most of their party in voting no. Supporters said the bill would ease the plight of millions of people who've received cancellation notices because their insurance does not match up to the Obama-care standards. The White House threatened to veto the bill. Meanwhile, President Obama was arranging a meeting with insurance C-E-O's, to discuss his change of policy from yesterday. It delayed the higher mandatory policy standards for a year, in the wake of hundreds-of-thousands of people losing their coverage. In Wisconsin, insurers were allowed earlier to extend their policies for a year. As a result, the Obama change was not expected to have a large impact in the Badger State.





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