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Supreme Court to Consider Releasing Man Convicted of Killing Three

(12/4/13) The Wisconsin Supreme Court will not consider releasing a man who killed three people at a church near La Crosse 28 years ago.

 A circuit judge and a state appeals court both ruled that Bryan Stanley violated the terms of a conditional release from the state's Mendota Mental Health Institute in 2009.  Stanley's attorney asked the Supreme Court to reverse the rulings and let him go -- but the justices said they would not review the case.  When he was first released, Stanley had spent over two decades at Mendota.  That's after he was found innocent-by-insanity in the 1985 shooting deaths of the Reverend John Rossiter and two others at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in Onalaska.  Stanley was out of the institution for three years before Circuit Judge Ramona Gonzalez sent him back in 2012.  By then, she said Stanley had violent and disturbing thoughts for over a year -- and considering his schizo-phrenia, Stanley did not act in the best interest of the public or his rehab.





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