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Another Change to Badger-Care

(12/31/13) Parents and caretakers above the poverty line could still apply for up to two months of Badger-Care, under a new bill to be considered in January.

  The federal government asked Wisconsin to consider those above the poverty line who are were not already on Badger-Care.  Those already covered were supposed to be cut off today.  But the governor and Legislature agreed to give them three more months, so they'd have more time to get through to the Obama-care Web site and apply for coverage there.  Yesterday, state Health Services Secretary Kitty Rhoades said it reached an agreement with Washington to try-and-allow those above the poverty line to apply for Badger-Care coverage by February first -- and to wait until then to impose stricter income limits for new applicants.  Jon Peacock of the Wisconsin Council on Children-and-Families said the proposed changes will help some low-income families and hurt others.  He said it would make the transition easier, but a small number of parents above the poverty line could lose a month-or-two of state coverage.





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