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Adopt a Hydrant

(1/16/14) With the snow falls that we have received so far for the season I have observed several fire hydrants plowed in by snow removal equipment and difficult to see.

As most hydrants are located at an intersection or street corner the snow banks tend to get quit high in these locations. These snow banks may slow your fire departments ability to get a water supply to the fire engine quickly as they may have to first dig out the hydrant. The department may also not see a hydrant that is close to the fire address due to it being covered with snow and have to run supply hose some distance for a water supply. A hydrant can also be difficult to see at night and the high snow banks make it even more difficult.

If you can no longer see a fire hydrant that you know is present, please contact your local water utility to have the hydrant located in an effort not to damage the hydrant if power equipment is used to clear away the snow.

Please, adopt a fire hydrant near your address or in your neighborhood and help your local fire department by clearing out the snow around the hydrant before you should need the services of your local fire department.

Time can be life and is property in the case of fire.

Thank you!!!!!

Chief Steve Schreiber

Black River Falls Fire Department





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