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Propane Help Available

(1/27/14) Governor Scott Walker is making eight-and-a-half million more dollars available to help low-income Wisconsinites get the propane fuel they need to stay warm.

 Walker announced more aid for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, after he met today with industry leaders and his cabinet on the acute propane shortage.  He also granted eight-million-dollars in temporary lines of credit to propane distributors, so they can pay for their own supplies.  Walker said he asked state agencies to quote, "assist as appropriate" to help a quarter-million Wisconsin propane customers deal with skyrocketing fuel prices -- and shortages that are causing propane companies to scramble to find enough fuel.  The state's Economic Development Corporation will handle that end of the matter -- as well as WHEDA (whee-duh), the Wisconsin Housing-and-Economic Development Authority.  In the meantime, Walker is urging folks to conserve when possible -- and keep track of their propane supplies closely.  Earlier today, we learned that U-S Senate Democrat Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin urged President Obama to get involved.  She wants Obama to order companies to moderate their exports, to make sure Americans have enough propane to make it through





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