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Arbutus Drawdown Continues

(5/2/14) The drawdown on Lake Arbutus continues while North American Hydro continues repairs to the Hatfield Dam.

According to a news release,  North American Hydro staff and contractors have been working diligently to make the needed repairs to the crest gates on the Hatfield Dam after a defective crest gate arm was found on February 16. "The recent weather conditions and high flows have made it impossible to provide safe access and ensure the safety of individuals working near the crest gates", stated Jereme Klassy of North American Hydro. "The small amount of work that remains is dependent on weather conditions and manageable river flows".

Installation of the boat barriers near the dam has also been delayed. The boat barriers are usually installed around May 1, but have been also delayed due to weather and river flows. Installation of the boat barriers is dependent upon manageable river flows to ensure worker safety.





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