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BRF Common Council Special Meeting Minutes

 (5/28/14) The special meeting of the Common Council was held at City Hall in the City of Black River Falls on May 21, 2014 at 6:00 P.M. 

Alderpersons R. Eddy, Hackman, Olson, J. Eddy, Gearing-Lancaster, Chojnacki, Johnson, and Pankowitz were present. Mayor Danielson presided.


It was moved by Alderperson J. Eddy, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the May 6, 2014 Common Council meeting.  Motion carried.





Mayor Danielson gave information about the Peace Pole project that the Black River Falls High School Student Senate would like to do.  They were to present the project, but nobody was in attendance so they will need to come back to another meeting to present and move forward with this project.


The Department Head monthly reports were reviewed.  Department heads present were Steve Schreiber, Jody Stoker, Todd Gomer, Dave Frederick, Steve Peterson, Brad Chown and Tammy Peasley. 

1.      Alderperson Hackman asked Fire Chief Schreiber what kind of counseling is in place for firefighters when they encounter a death.  Chief Schreiber said the City doesn't have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in place; however, the Fire Department takes care of it by using Gundersen Lutheran when needed.  Alderperson Chojnacki asked for the situation of the fatal crash in the Chief's report, and Chief Schreiber advised that information would be available by requesting the accident report from the Sheriff's Department.


2.      The EMS Division Chief recommended eliminating the "Volunteer Ambulance Driver" position and adding the job description "Ambulance Driver".  Alderperson J. Eddy asked about the Ambulance Driver positions and EMS Division Chief Stoker replied that this job was added 1/1/2014 and the job description was missed and needs to be added for the insurance umbrella policy.

It was moved by Alderperson Chojnacki, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to approve the revised Ambulance Drivers job description as presented.  Motion carried.

3.      Street Superintendent Todd Gomer advised the Council of the bid openings on May 8, 2014; received bids from Mathy Construction MSIP $47,650 and streets $57,980, Oium Asphalt MSIP $55,901 and streets $59,794, Senn Blacktop MSIP $53,605 and streets $65,570.  Mathy Construction had the low bid for both projects.

It was moved by Alderperson Olson, seconded by Alderperson Hackman to award the MSIP bid to Mathy Construction for $47,650.  Motion Carried.

It was moved by Alderperson Johnson, seconded by Alderperson Gearing-Lancaster to award street bids to Mathy Construction for $57,980.  Motion carried.

Two more recycling employees resigned this month.  Superintendent Gomer struggles to keep recycling employees due to the short number of hours and the weather elements worked in.  Gomer requested permission to fill these two positions or consider eliminating the curb side pick-up program which would save the City approximately $30,000 per year.  Beryle Hale was hired to fill the last vacant recycling position.  There was discussion about hiring an outside contractor to do the curbside pickup as well as the burden the City would be placing on the County if the program were to be eliminated.  Mayor Danielson proposed to come up with numbers for an outside party to do the curbside pickup and present at next meeting.  Alderperson R. Eddy suggested the research be done in the City Administrator's office.  Alderperson Hackman offered to assist with the research.     

It was moved by Alderperson R. Eddy, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to fill the two vacant recycling positions.  Motion carried.

Superintendent Gomer requested his 2014 budget surplus be carried over to the 2015 budget to cover the street repair projects he has scheduled next year. 

It was moved by Alderperson Chojnacki, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to approve Street Department carrying over 2014 budget surplus to 2015.  Motion carried.

4.      Police Chief Dave Frederick reported that a resident has requested a sign by 5th Street and Fillmore for "children at play."  The Police Department does not ever object to this sign request.  Chief is trying to obtain more information from the resident (exact location and reason for request), but has not been able to get a hold of the resident.  Tabled until next month.  Alderperson Chojnacki asked if it was common practice for officers to drive on the Foundation Trail.  Parks & Rec Director Steve Peterson said yes as this has helped catch vandals in the past.  There are times when the Street Department and Parks Department need to drive on the trail as well.  The speed limit is 5 mph and the vehicle must have flashing lights on except for the Police Department.  Alderperson R. Eddy wants to see the number of citations and revenue for both traffic and municipal code violations on the officer activity table and hours worked by the officers.  Alderperson Hackman asked about the restructuring that is listed on the report.  Mayor Danielson said that this has been a discussion item for the past eight months.  Only looking at a cost analysis from the County to cover our area. 

5.      Parks & Recreation Director Steve Peterson reported a water line break in a wall at the Hoffman Aquatic Center that will be repaired this week, hoping to start filling the pool at the Hoffman Aquatic Center at end of the week, there is a horse show at the Fair Park almost every weekend and a new scoreboard purchased by the Lions Club dedicated to Dale Borreson will be put up at the Brockway Field.  Alderperson Hackman asked if we are in charge of the Brockway Field and Steve advised we have a cooperative agreement.  Parks & Rec requests purchasing a Bobcat and will share the cost and use with the Street Department.  The cost of this piece of equipment is $42,449 at Whitehall Implement.  Steve Peterson priced this out with different vendors and this was the best price for the package.  This purchase will require using all of the Parks & Recreation Department's capital budget for 2014 and $5,000 from the 2015 budget. 

It was moved by Alderperson Johnson, seconded by Alderperson Pankowitz to purchase the Bobcat Toolcat Utility Work Machine for $42,449.  Motion carried.

Alderperson Hackman asked about the fish situation at the Lunda Park.  They all died over the winter and the goal is to replace them.  Currently the Jackson County Wildlife Association is checking on permits and doing research to protect what's in there.  Alderperson J. Eddy recommended posting a sign by the pond letting people know that there are no fish. 

6.      City Administrator Brad Chown advised the Council he had met with the Haldemans regarding Lallapalooza and they requested a closed session, but they are not able to because it doesn't meet the requirements.  The Haldemans were invited to request being placed on the June council meeting.  Teeples retaliation claim has a court date scheduled for July 29, 2014 at the Jackson County Courthouse.  The insurance deductible is $7500 and we are close to that with attorney fees.

7.      Library Director Tammy Peasley reported a leak in the boiler and had Dennis Caldwell look at it.  Dennis said that the boiler at City Hall has already been replaced and it was installed around the same time as the Library's.  Tammy submitted a grant to the Foundation asking for tables and chairs as she is planning to have a coffee shop/Internet café area.  The Library had over twenty five people attend the Ice Age Trail event.


Mayor Danielson announced the ad hoc City Policy Committee members: Alderson J. Eddy, City Administrator Brad Chown, Alderperson Johnson, and Mayor Danielson.  Alderperson Hackman requested she be added to the committee.


It was moved by Alderperson J. Eddy, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to approve Class A, B and C Beer, Wine, Liquor and Wholesale licenses.  Alwoods LLC from June 1-30, 2014 is contingent upon current owner surrendering current license. Motion Carried (6-0-2). Alderpersons Olson and Hackman abstained. 

There was discussion regarding the Cigarette licenses and fees; City Clerk's Office will double check these before billing.


It was moved by Alderperson Chojnacki, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to draft a resolution and quit claim deed to transfer a portion of parcel 206.2627.0000 to the School District of Black River Falls for purpose of relocating Diploma Drive.  Motion Carried. 


It was moved by Alderperson R. Eddy, seconded by Alderperson J. Eddy to approve the vouchers for April 2014.  Motion carried.


It was moved by Alderperson J. Eddy, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to approve the City Treasurer's Report for April 2014.  Motion carried.


It was moved by Alderperson Johnson, seconded by Alderperson Olson to approve the Revenue & Expense Reports for April 2014.  Motion carried. 


It was moved by Alderperson Olson, seconded by Alderperson Johnson to adjourn at 7:43.  Motion Carried.


An audio recording of this meeting is available at City Hall.

Kelly R. Hurst

Deputy Clerk/Treasurer





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