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Watch for Blue-Green Algae

(6/19/14) As more Wisconsinites hit the water, the D-N-R is urging folks to watch out for blue-green algae.

 Experts say it grows rapidly during the summer -- and you can get sick just by touching the algae, or ingesting lake water that contains it.  Blue-green algae often appears in waters with high levels of phosphorus, nitrogen, or other nutrients.  The D-N-R says it's showing up now in southern Wisconsin, and it gradually appears in the north as the summer goes on.  Officials say pets have been known to die, just by licking the algae residue from their coats.  The D-N-R urges folks to call a veterinarian if their pets become lethargic after romping in a lake -- or if they vomit or have diarrhea.





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