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Another Sign of Possible IdentityTheft

(7/11/14) People who never worked outside Wisconsin are getting letters from other states, saying their income tax returns are under review.  

Consumer officials say you shouldn't brush it off a clerical mistake -- because you might be the victim of identity theft.  Wisconsin's consumer protection agency has received a half-dozen complaints from people who had their names used by somebody else to file false income tax returns and perhaps claim refunds.  Revenue departments in those states are now going after the people who names were used.  Wisconsin's consumer and revenue agencies are working with the I-R-S on the matter, as well as the states which sent the tax notices -- Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Oklahoma.  If you get a letter which wrongly says your out-of-state tax return is under review, the state Ag Department's consumer protection division wants you to file a complaint with them.  You can find the online address at Wisconsin-Dot-Gov.  Also, officials say you should respond the same way as other identity theft victims have -- by putting fraud alerts on your credit accounts, reviewing your credit reports, and filing police reports about the letters.





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