Problems for Eau Claire County Frac-Sand Mine

(5/2/14) A frac-sand mine has turned into a legal landmine in Eau Claire County.

  W-Q-O-W T-V said it all started last month, when the state D-N-R started getting dust complaints from residents.  The dust came from a 200-thousand-ton silica sand pile near Augusta that had not moved in a while.  The D-N-R told the mine's operator -- Five-Star Properties of La Crosse -- to explain what was going on.  And the company responded by saying it was a victim of fraud.  According to the T-V station, Five-Star was to deliver the sand to a plant in Oklahoma run by Cardinal Glass Industries.  However, Five-Star said it never received four-point-two million dollars that Cardinal Glass was supposed to give them.  The report said the glass company paid the money, but a man who was reportedly acting as the glass firm's representative apparently kept it.  W-Q-O-W said the man is now being sued by both Cardinal Glass and Five-Star.  Meanwhile, Five-Star says it's working with the glass firm on moving the sand that's been bothering local residents to a rail loading site.

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